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Are your home wiring and switchboards safe?

We have all heard the stories about old homes and dodgy wiring. Many older homes (or office buildings) are not adequately wired to deal with modern high-demand electrical loads. If demand from electrical devices is greater than the main switchboard’s ability to supply, then it’s time to install a new switchboard.

Unfortunately even newer homes can have issues where less reputable electricians or do-it-yourselfers taking shortcuts. In fact faulty and improperly installed wiring is the leading cause of fires in homes and commercial buildings.

Signs of faulty wiring include:

  • Lighting fixtures dimming when appliances or motors are turned on
  • Overheating or shortened lifespan in appliances and motors (including TV’s and computers)
  • A visible sparking when switches are turned on
  • Fuses blowing or circuits frequently tripping
  • The wiring insulation appears discoloured or brittle

It’s not worth risking your home or your family’s safety. If you have any of these signs occurring in your home or office, please book a safety inspection immediately.

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